Service provider and mandatory information according to Section 5 Telemedia Act (imprint):


The Atrium Hotel & Conference Centre, Paris CDG Airport, by Penta
351 Avenue du Bois de la Pie, CS 42048 Paris Nord 2,
95912 Roissy CDG Cedex, France
Tél. : 01 48 17 12 34
Fax : 01 48 17 12 35
E-mail :
Raison Sociale : Société Hôtelière Internationale de Roissy
Forme Juridique : SNC
Directeurs : Aylon Anschel
Numéro de TVA intracommunautaire : FR 41354083313
Siège de la société : 354 083 313 R.C.S. Pontoise
Tribunal compétent : R.C.S Pontoise
SIRET 354 083 313 00057
Capital: 6 750 000.00 Euros  



In the event of a dispute between the professional and the consumer, they will endeavor to find an amicable solution.
If no amicable agreement can be reached, the consumer may refer the matter free of charge to the consumer ombudsman responsible for the professional, i.e. AME CONSO, within one year of the written complaint sent to the professional.

Referral to the consumer ombudsman must be made either:

  • by completing the appropriate form on the AME CONSO website:;
  • or by post to AME CONSO, 197 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris.


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